Because one-size-fits-all payments are too inefficient, and building your own solution is too hard
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Perfect fit payments for your business

Whatever industry you’re in, Ixaris makes payments efficient for you and your customers.
When it comes to payments, many businesses and consumers put up with high costs, weak controls and poor convenience. That’s just the way it is with legacy solutions - unless you build your own.
Ixaris offers another way. With our open and customisable technology, you have the payments solutions that perfectly fit you and your customers - optimised for cost, control and convenience.



FOREX optimisation could save your business thousands

FOREX isn’t a new challenge for any Online Travel Agent and yet despite this, FOREX charges continue to account for 23% of an OTAs total payment costs. While there is always likely to be some degree of cost associated with currency exchange, our research suggests that the average OTA spends twice as much charges continue…