unlock value from every payment

Payments are inherently complex. But in every payment, there’s
an opportunity to unlock value.

The Ixaris intelligent payment platform is a single solution that’s already delivering benefits across multiple markets around the world. With it, a wide range of payments can be processed via a single user experience.

Streamlining the payments process. Eliminating inefficiencies. And enabling you to capitalise in an evolving market and increase revenue from payments.

simplify payments and profit with Ixaris

The Ixaris intelligent payment platform can be delivered in three ways, depending on your business and your needs.

end-to-end solution

Architected to deliver the exact features and capabilities you need

white label

Brand the solution as your own to build a more value-added offering for your customers


Customise and extend our products and bring your own banking capabilities to create differentiated solutions for your target market

Ixaris is already delivering benefits in the following industries


Eliminate unnecessary payment charges and unlock new profit opportunities.


Deliver flexibility in every payment and discover new revenue streams in commercial payments.

Ixaris has played a major role in the spectacular success of our payment services business.

Dave Robinson
Head of PaxPay