Banks, now you can grab a slice of corporate prepaid!

Today we’re very excited to announce our latest innovation in payments – Ixaris Payments Server.

Ixaris Payments Server is the next step in the history of our company which has now been flourishing for over ten years. In 2003 we launched Europe’s very first virtual prepaid card program (I’m going to use the American spelling of ‘programme’, with some misgiving, but it seems to be more widely accepted in the industry). With several million accounts opened since its inception EntroPay has now become the preferred online payment method for many consumers and businesses.

Since 2011 we’ve been offering complete prepaid card solutions to corporate clients in a range of industries including financial services, travel, market research and corporate incentives.

And now in 2013 we are launching Ixaris Payments Server, a unique platform which enables banks to create their own corporate prepaid card programs.

We realised that corporate prepaid is a really big revenue opportunity for banks but one which most are unable to exploit. The problem is that a lot of IT departments within banks lack the resources and bandwidth to develop a solution in house. The end result is that banks either lose out completely or else choose to partner with program managers who needlessly eat into profit margins if the bank already has an established corporate client base.

Using the expertise we’ve gleaned from working with our corporate clients, we’ve built a package that allows banks to quickly and cost-effectively bring some of the most commonly requested corporate prepaid programs to market: disbursement, purchasing, expenses, payroll, etc.

Ixaris Payments Server comes equipped with a suite of ready-built applications for this range of corporate payments challenges, is comprehensively customisable both for the bank-side aspects as well as the client-side.

We’re very flexible on how we deliver it to banks. For those that want to get to market quickly, we offer a full PCI compliant in-the-cloud solution (platform-as-a-service) that needs no integration with the bank’s IT systems. However, as an option, we can also accommodate any systems that the bank already owns and would like to use, such as processing, accounting, customer service, etc. We’ve taken great care so that, unlike with traditional IT projects, banks can bring a solution to market in a matter of weeks with minimal capital expenditure.

We’re giving banks the tools they need to take a share of the lucrative corporate prepaid market.