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16th July 2020

Whitepaper: Chargebacks & the travel industry

Chargebacks post blog

As the COVID-19 pandemic made apparent, chargebacks play a critical role in protecting travel companies from the serious impacts of supplier and airline cancellations and collapses.

Every payment made with an Ixaris virtual card is backed by industry-leading dispute resolution processes — the chargeback process — that protect our clients from supplier disruptions and airline default. As an expert in travel payments for over 15 years, Ixaris is able to maximise the success rate of chargebacks. In fact, our chargeback success rate is 99.98%.

Chargebacks & the travel industry
Cover Chargebacks Whitepaper

Download our latest whitepaper, which includes a case study on Thomas Cook Airlines' 2019 liquidation, to learn how chargebacks help OTAs mitigate the impacts of supplier disruptions and defaults.

“When Thomas Cook entered liquidation, leaving both passengers and OTAs stranded, we proactively reached out to our affected customers to initiate and guide them through the chargeback process. We were able to swiftly return critical working capital to our clients, mitigating the impacts of this considerable and unexpected shock to the travel industry.”

Mark Anthony Spiteri, Acting CEO & COO

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