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1st May 2020

A COVID-19 Update from Ixaris

Ixaris Travel Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic shows just how interconnected our world is through travel, finance, technology — and (perhaps now more than ever) through shared challenges across industries and even across whole economies.

This March, the world was quite literally grounded and, together with many of our peers in the travel industry, our revenue has taken a hit. However, we remain confident that the travel industry will eventually be cleared for takeoff again. And we’ll be ready for it.

Despite the flexibility this pandemic demands, it is our duty to ensure business continuity. Today, we continue to provide our normal service. Here are just some of the other things we are doing to help our teams, customers and partners respond to and navigate the impacts of this extraordinary time.

How are we helping our teams?

• In early March, as part of our preparedness and response plans, we thoroughly tested our operational capacity to work fully remotely across teams and geographies.

• Confident that we could continue to operate at our full pace, we quickly and proactively closed our offices, smoothly transitioning to company-wide remote working.

• From delivering furniture to providing reliable Internet access, we continue to help our teams create home offices that support wellbeing and productivity.

• We’ve taken our regular all-hands updates online, and regularly communicate our strategies and risk levels with our teams to ease anxiety.

• Mental health support has always been part of our benefits package, and we remain committed to connecting our teams to these essential resources.

How are we helping our customers?

• Our operations are running as usual so that your business will too. You can continue funding, spending and withdrawing as normal with Ixaris Payments.

• We continue to provide the high level of service you expect from us. While our teams are now working remotely, we are able to fully maintain essential business processes and customer support with no disruptions to customer services.

• Our IT systems operate 24/7 as usual with no limitations of any kind.

• As you might expect, we are processing an unprecedented volume of chargebacks. However, we are also proactively calling our clients to help them understand how COVID-19 affects chargebacks and the process of raising them. If this is an area you need help with, please get in touch with us at

Stay safe, stay positive.

At Ixaris, we remain optimistic this crisis can bring out the best in many of us. To our community in travel, payments and beyond: We hope you, like us, will stay safe and stay positive.

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