Nium completes acquisition of Ixaris

7th June 2021

(Another) One for the history books

Ixaris Nium
Mark Anthony Spiteri

Mark Anthony Spiteri


Back in 2003, a tech startup on the tiny island of Malta issued Europe’s first virtual card. That day cemented Ixaris’ place in the history books of the global industry that we now call fintech. Today is another such day for the history books.

I am thrilled to announce that Ixaris has entered a definitive agreement to be acquired by Nium.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices across Asia, Europe and the U.S., Nium is one of the world’s fastest-growing B2B payment platform. And when I say fast, I mean fast. Nium serves more than 130 million customers in 100+ countries, processes an estimated $8 billion in transactions, and is doubling its growth year over year under the leadership of CEO Prajit Nanu and his team.

Every aspect of Ixaris, from our technologies to our people, perfectly complements Nium. All of Ixaris’ 86 employees in London and Malta will now join the Nium family. With Nium’s global presence we can now increase our geographic footprint to new regions, including the fast-rebounding U.S. travel market.

The future of the travel industry, and our ability to drive it forward, looks very bright indeed. Ixaris will augment its virtual card issuance capabilities with Nium’s platform, which provides a single API connection to the world’s payment infrastructure. The result is an even broader suite of payment services available through Nium, which will also be accessible to Ixaris’ customers.

Thank you to the current and past employees and leadership who have been part of Ixaris’ story over the past eighteen years. Twenty-four million transactions later, and despite the numerous challenges the travel industry has recently faced, we are (justifiably) proud of the success we have achieved as a payment technology leader in the £230 billion travel sector.

As international travel takes off again in 2021, and the industry ramps up investment in solutions to improve front-end travel experiences and back-end processes, we are ready to continue to drive its revolution. While today marks Ixaris’ newest entry in fintech's history books, as we now join the Nium family, it will certainly not be our last.

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