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20th July 2020

The New Normal: A COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 post blog

An update on our ’new normal,’ as we charge through the second half of 2020.

Ixaris has always been a tightly-knit team that values pragmatic solutions. As countries around the world cautiously reopen, we’re finding a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in our ‘new normal.’

Flexible-first workplace

While we have always been remote-enabled, Ixaris is now a flexible-first workplace. Individual, team and community needs change — sometimes day by day — and we must be ready to adapt to succeed.

Being flexible-first means our team can seamlessly switch between remote working and working in an office environment as individual, team and community need demands

We recognise that not every home is equipped to function as a full-time workspace. That is why we’ve made office equipment available to our teams to use at home, and have also re-opened our Malta office for team members who wish or need to make use of this space.

While it almost goes without saying, we are strictly enforcing enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures at our Malta office. And we are continuing to support relocation for successful candidates applying to our open positions across departments.

Industry-leading performance

Before deciding to become a flexible-first company, we needed to be absolutely certain we could fully maintain essential business processes and customer support, with no disruptions to customer services. And we are.

As it was before the pandemic, our monitoring and critical support are operating 24/7. Notably, during the last three months of working remotely — and despite a significant increase in operational and chargeback requests due to COVID-19 — our SLA performance was 100%.

Enhanced products and features

We will soon expand our already extensive card portfolio with the launch of new card products. This means Ixaris customers will benefit from an even greater mix of acceptance rates, fees and rewards.

We are also adapting our products and services to fit our customers’ new normal, and fast-tracking the release of new features that can unlock working capital, reduce fraud, streamline reconciliation and mitigate the risks of supplier disruptions.

Looking ahead

As we charge through the second half of 2020, we’re energised by the adaptability our team and customers demonstrated in H1, during a period that gave new meaning to the word unprecedented.

We closed off our last COVID-19 update by saying we were optimistic that this crisis could bring out the best in many of us. Let us close off this update by saying: we were right.

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