Case-study: Bluefish modernizes payroll using virtual prepaid cards to make global payments, instantly.

Bluefish is a leading provider of global payroll solutions, working with a range of corporate clients seeking efficient payroll and delivery systems to multi-national staff in locations across the globe. With a wealth of experience in finance products and HR, Bluefish prides itself on delivering bespoke programs for its clients.

“Ixaris allows us to cost-effectively disburse payments to employees across the world and help our clients to both modernise and grow their payroll programs”


Bluefish wanted to find a way to send secure cross-border payments to pay salaries, commissions and expenses to
expatriate employees based in developing countries.


Bluefish implemented Fund Forward – a flexible payment product that allows funds to be sent globally and cost-effectively, using prepaid virtual and plastic cards


A modern payroll offering that is flexible, configurable and scalable, offering significant savings.

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