Grow your business with payments

If you’re a provider of business or financial services to other businesses, our payments technology and platform could help you to grow your revenues. Through integrating our award-winning B2B payments platform into your service, you could provide complementary services to your business customers and successfully open up new sources of revenue.

We work with forex providers, money transfer, marketplace services, service aggregators and many more, in fact, any organisation that could benefit from adding a payments processing aspect to their offering.

Example business cases

Aggregators and Market Places

For many businesses which are founded on the aggregation of data and information, they only focus on matching buyers with sellers and miss the opportunity to offer payments. It used to be hard. Today, it is far simpler to integrate payments technology within your core offering, and open up an additional monetisation stream for your business.

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Closed loop payment providers

Closed-loop card programme providers, such as fuel cards and hotel chain cards are increasingly looking to broaden their offering into open-loop and affinity programmes where their cards are used more widely. As more and more providers do this, and as competitive pressure mounts, closed loop providers will find it increasingly difficult to compete. Our payments platform offers you the opportunity to move from closed-loop to open-loop in a controllable, straight-forward way.

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Insurance and high volume payment operations

Insurance companies are under increasing pressure to stay ahead of the competition. Retaining customers without resorting to price is getting harder, just as regulation becomes more stringent. Ixaris is helping insurance companies embrace payment technology to improve business efficiencies step in claims management; we are enhancing customer experience strategies and optimising payment disbursement internationally to minimize payments costs, specifically FX costs.

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Innovative solutions


Card scheme and payment rail agnostic: enable your corporate clients to pay suppliers, whether they are card-accepting or not.

Extensible and customisable solution: offering greater control over transaction pricing and re-balancing the economics for buyers and suppliers

Single user interface: capable of integrating to multiple back-end processors to access cash balances as well as credit lines.


Flexible: A commercial payment solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of your clients, capable of handling multiple payment types.

Cost effective: Greater flexibility in transaction pricing and range of payment rails available, allowing you to gain greater share of your client’s payables business

Agile: Versatile deployment arrangements. You chose the platform hosting arrangement that best fits your business and after setup, you can activate a suite of apps in the way that works for you.

Ixaris Payments Server

Ixaris Payments Server is the flexible, instrument agnostic platform pioneering the next generation of operating system for payments.

Ixaris Payments Server is a next generation virtual payment platform that transforms commercial card issuers into true commercial payments providers. It operates across multiple card schemes, or even outside of these rails. The platform enables banks to support new commercial payment use cases, overcoming many of the obstacles preventing commercial cards from obtaining a greater share of business spend.

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