To capture a greater share of commercial card spend a new approach is needed.

We set out to discover the next generation of virtual payments and help to drive commercial card innovation, providing issuers with a path to greater revenues.

The Ixaris Payments Server will help unlock the growing potential in commercial cards, allowing them to:

  • Control transaction pricing
  • Support non-card accepting suppliers to receive card payments
  • Expand the funding options behind commercial cards.

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CFO Pulse Issue 1

CFO Pulse Issue 2

Commercial Payments Whitepaper

Next Generation Payments Brochure

A clarion call for change - Briefing report

Blog articles

Connecting islands of commercial payment innovation to the payment mainland

New technologies and regulatory change are reinvigorating commercial payments

B2B payments – can fintech finally connect business payments to the digital wave?

New technologies and regulatory change are reinvigorating B2B payments

Take Control of transaction pricing

Are interchange economics the largest barrier to commercial card usage?

Support non-acquired suppliers

Commercial card payments have failed to take off, despite significant potential benefits for suppliers, buyers, and card providers.

De-couple from credit lines

Virtual payment solutions in the commercial cards space have primarily been based on payments from bank provided credit lines.


Unlocking the potential in Commercial Cards- Take control of transaction pricing

Unlocking the potential in Commercial Card - Support non-acquired suppliers

Unlocking the potential in Commercial Card - De-couple from credit lines

*Mastercard 2016