Standing still isn’t an option…

Many commercial card programmes have failed to reach critical mass penetration. In fact, 80% are under-performing¹. There are many underlying market pressures preventing commercial cards from capturing a greater share of commercial spend.

Pressure on interchange: regulatory focus on rates and competition is placing downward pressure on traditional pricing models.

The growth of fintech: increasing competition from new entrants is placing considerable pressure on traditional approaches and solutions.

Customer demand: suppliers must justify the cost of becoming card-accepting, while buyers need a solution that better integrates into their accounts payables systems.

Now is the time for next generation virtual payment platforms

Despite there being some workable solutions that address part of the inefficiencies in commercial payments, there remain a significant number of barriers preventing the capture of a greater share of business payables spend. To significantly move the needle a new approach is needed, and this is where next generation commercial payments platforms can help issuers:

cost-transactionControl Transaction Pricing: Set your own pricing and cost strategy outside of interchange restrictions to provide greater flexibility.

non-card-acceptingSupport Non-card Accepting Suppliers: Enable your clients to pay suppliers whether or not they accept cards via a single solution.

decoupleDecouple From Credit Lines: Support credit, charge and debit on one platform allowing a greater share of payable t be addressed.

Find out more in our ‘Virtualisation 2.0’ whitepaper or download our Commercial Payments Brochure

The Ixaris Payment Server

Ixaris Payments Server is the flexible, instrument agnostic platform pioneering the next generation of operating system for payments, helping you to:

  • Grow share of payables spend
  • Grow commercial card revenue
  • Create innovative propositions and additional value

Ixaris Payments Server transforms commercial card issuers into true commercial payments providers by enabling them to deliver solutions that operate across multiple card schemes, or even outside of these rails. The platform enables banks to support new commercial payment use cases, overcoming many of the obstacles preventing commercial cards from obtaining a greater share of business payables spend.

whitepaper Read our ‘Virtualisation 2.0’ whitepaper

Features and Benefits


Card scheme and payment rail agnostic: enable your corporate clients to pay suppliers, whether they are card-accepting or not.

Extensible and customisable solution: offering greater control over transaction pricing and re-balancing the economics for buyers and suppliers

Single user interface: capable of integrating to multiple back-end processors to access cash balances as well as credit lines.



Flexible: A commercial payment solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of your clients, capable of handling multiple payment types.

Cost effective: Greater flexibility in transaction pricing and range of payment rails available, allowing you to gain greater share of your client’s payables business

Agile: Versatile deployment arrangements. You chose the platform hosting arrangement that best fits your business and after setup, you can activate a suite of apps in the way that works for you.

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¹RPMG Research 2015