Ixaris Payments Server is the flexible, instrument agnostic platform pioneering the next generation of operating system for payments.

The platform leverages virtual card infrastructure through innovative applications and delivers greater efficiency through a more cost effective payments solution. This enables banks and commercial card issuers to manage a greater share of their commercial customers’ payables business and deliver a versatile, rail and scheme agnostic payments service to their clients.

Enable faster, more cost effective high-value payments for your clients
Streamline and optimise payments operation
Exploit lucrative vertical sectors, e.g. insurance and travel sector with enhanced and optimised payment capability
Support Your Clients With Innovative Solutions

Flexible: Provides a commercial payment solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Capable of handling multiple payment types on behalf of your corporate clients.

Cost Effective: Greater flexibility in transaction pricing and range of payment rails available, allowing you to gain greater share of your client’s payables business

Agile: Versatile deployment arrangements. You chose the platform hosting arrangement that best fits your business and after setup, you can activate a suite of apps in the way that works for you.

Bringing it to life


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Enable your corporate clients to navigate surcharges and interchange fees by routing payments according to configurable options. This ensure the right method is selected based on the transaction, accommodating a variety of payment types from one-time use and time-limited virtual cards, to ACH and Faster Payments.

Iinsurance iconnsurance companies can create virtual wallets at the point of inception for their policy holders and utilise them to facilitate the transfer of funds in the event of claim payments. This equates to a highly efficient process and can enhance loyalty and stickiness in a profitable industry sector.

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