FOREX optimisation could save your business thousands

Too many online travel agents do not pay enough attention to forex issues and are mainly interested in what rebate they get from their virtual payment card supplier.

In this new video series produced by Ixaris for its clients, Akshay Jain, the payment specialist’s head of product, explains why this is not enough.

Jain said research conducted by Ixaris has shown that forex fees could account for 23% of an OTA’s total payment costs.

Jain explains in what areas firms can optimise their forex strategies and why following a single strategy often does not work.

The following four videos explore FOREX within the content of an OTAs business cycle and explains, with supporting infographics, the best ways to optimise your strategy to get the most out of your business.

Video 1: Forex Strategy Optimisation

Video 2: Forex Strategy Optimisation and Acquiring Consumer Payments

Video 3: FOREX Strategy Optimisation & Prefunding a Virtual Card Provider

Video 4: FOREX Optimisation & Virtual Card Payments to Suppliers