We make paying hotels a breeze

Built to be flexible, Ixaris technology allows you to make quick and efficient payments to hotels all around the world.

One system. Three ways to pay:

Post-paid bookings

  • Schedule the loading of funds on check out date
  • Amend or cancel payments at any time

Part-payment bookings

  • Support multi-spend cards to cover pre-authorisations
  • Automate the initial deposit and the remainder of the balance

Pre-paid bookings

  • Load with relevant balance and make payment
  • Purpose built for the hospitality industry

We've made it easier than ever to use virtual cards with your hospitality partners the world over.

Fax Integration: Every time you make a payment with an Ixaris virtual card, we’ll generate and send a fax with an image of that card to the hotel giving them everything they need to process payment.

Local Language Options: Automatic translation relays your processing instructions to hotel staff in their local language, eliminating confusion over how each virtual card should be treated.

Absolute Control: Send instructions alongside each fax, showing how to process the payment. You can also generate templates to create associations between a booking type and how the card should be processed.

A single, integrated service: Our service eliminates the need to jump between multiple virtual card systems or bank transfers – it’s everything you need in one easy to integrate package.

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