Infographic: Ixaris Airline Payment Solution

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Send profits soaring with airline payments from Ixaris

Running an OTA is a high volume, low margin game. As the volume of people planning their trips on metasearch engines and user-generated review sites such as Kayak, Skypicker and TripAdvisor escalates, price is becoming an even more important differentiator for an OTA over its competitors. For OTAs making thousands of transactions every day, credit and debit card surcharges can be a big problem. Surcharges imposed by airlines vary but will often be 2% or more taking a significant slice out of already narrow profit margins.

Download the infographic to see how our solution can help:

  • Earn revenue or save on airline surcharges with a range of different card types
  • Payment and settlement in multiple currencies, saving on FX and conversion fees
  • Automate transaction reconciliation and reporting

Click here to download the infographic.