The smart choice for your business

Whether you’re a business that uses payment services, or a financial institution that provides them, payments are vital to your ability to compete.

You face a choice.

You can build the payments solution you need from scratch - this takes time, it’s expensive and is fraught with risk. Or you can use an off-the-shelf solution - which is often a compromise, inefficient, rigid and soon obsolete.

Ixaris is the smart choice. With our technology and suite of payment applications, you can create solutions tailored to your precise needs in a fraction of the time and cost of building bespoke.


How do we design your solution?

We use our toolkit, apps and modules to craft the perfect fit solution.

We will map your specific requirements to our standard modules and determine what can be achieved by configuration alone and what requires development using our toolkit.

Step 1

Start with one of our existing apps or build a bespoke travel or commercial payments solution.


Step 2

Define your preferred delivery channels and create interfaces.


Web UI

Step 3

Identify any external processors and service providers and we’ll connect them for you


How do we deliver your solution?

We offer a range of deployment options to get you transacting.

To run live transactions, every payment solution needs support processing, programme management and financial underwriting in place.

Ixaris Platform Services

Your perfect fit solution can run on our cloud-based platform or in your private cloud instance.

Programme Management

Depending on your needs, Ixaris may also be able to manage your programme.

Financial Underwriting

Depending on the nature of your programme, Ixaris can introduce you to financial services/partners or you can bring your own bank.

With our range of payment capabilities, you’ll get a solution designed with the optimal combination of cost, control and convenience that works for your business.

Talk to us about the right payments for your business.