Commercial payments models are changing, and current payment platforms limit corporations’ ability to take a flexible approach to addressing their payables.

To ensure corporate customers continue to get the benefits they’ve been sold, banks must move to a more efficient payments platform, enabling corporate customers to fully leverage the credit lines extended to them, and make payments in the most convenient way for them and their suppliers.

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See how our flexible commercial payments solution is helping corporate customers to take the cost out of making payments.

Ixaris offers a single solution, providing an efficient, next-generation virtual payment platform to help banks and their corporate customers:

Deliver flexible cost payments | ensure transaction costs are reflective of the transaction needs and buyer / supplier relationship.

Pay all suppliers through a single channel | pay suppliers, whether or not they accept cards, via a single solution, all they need is a bank account.

Leverage credit & cash balances | access credit lines and corporate balances to make payments regardless of the payment method used.

More flexibility over commercial payments

Discover the efficient, seamless payments model you need to take the cost out of payments in a rapidly evolving, more digital world.

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