traditional commercial payment models have grown outdated, restricting your customers’ abilities to make payments the way they want to

It means you’re not capturing your customers’ maximum spend, leaving commercial credit lines under-utilised, forcing clients into bank created product siloes – and giving nimble, tech-savvy Fintech market entrants an opportunity to steal market share. Without innovation, banks will find their share of commercial payments eroded.

regulatory focus on rates and competition putting downward pressure on traditional pricing models.

increasing competition is putting considerable demand on traditional approaches and solutions.

customers are demanding a solution that better integrates with their accounts payable systems.

one platform for more efficient commercial payments

A new approach is needed. And Ixaris provides an efficient, next-generation virtual payment platform to help you:

control transaction pricing

Set transaction level pricing and cost strategy outside of card interchange restrictions to provide greater flexibility and match underlying transaction needs.

pay card and non-card accepting suppliers

Enable your clients to pay suppliers, whether or not they accept cards, via a single solution.

leverage credit & cash balances

Access credit lines and corporate balances to make payments regardless of the payment method used.

seamless integration, ready for tomorrow

Your vast ecosystem of legacy platforms, departmental siloes and regulatory pressures can make transformation a slow process. With Ixaris, you can deliver more efficiency and choice for customers, more quickly. We can integrate and orchestrate the technology you need to unlock a more seamless payment process for your commercial customers, with minimum support needed from your internal IT resource. Giving your customers configurable, selective payments models.

grow share of payables spend

grow payments revenue

create innovative propositions and additional value

With a single interface, Ixaris commercial payments solution enables you to support more customers, more effectively. Giving them the options they want to streamline their payments, and the experience they expect in today’s evolving marketplace, where simplicity and speed is everything.

Maximise commercial card payment market share

Discover how to give customers the efficient, seamless payments model they’re looking for, and steal back valuable market share from the competition.

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