With the majority of commercial card programmes under performing, a new approach is needed if you’re going to capture a greater share of B2B spend.

Interchange rates, nimble, tech-savvy fintech market entrants and customer demand are all putting pressure on the need for a new commercial card payment model.
And there’s a big opportunity to be had, with annual revenue from B2B payments expected to rise 30% by 2020, and reach $2.3 trillion.

The role of next-generation payment platforms

You can support new commercial payment use cases with Ixaris commercial payments solution, a next-generation virtual payment platform.

It operates across multiple card schemes or even outside of these rails, overcoming many of the obstacles preventing commercial card models from obtaining a greater share of spend.

Profit with a feature-rich platform

Access a feature-rich platform that delivers tangible benefits and a real competitive advantage.

Boost commercial payments profitability  

Discover how to overcome the challenges facing commercial card payment models, and profit with Ixaris.

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