Your clients look to you to help them save time and money, but organising business travel is just as complex – if not more – as organising a consumer holiday.

You’re faced with numerous suppliers around the world, making your payments process far from simple. Add to that industry challenges of airline surcharges, ultra-low margins, complex multi-currency payments, lack of credit, fraud risk and reconciliation charges, and you can expect to see shrinking profits and a weakened competitive edge.

Avoid unnecessary costs with a modern payments solution, and unlock more value.

You could boost your gross profit by as much as 20%* by addressing an inefficient payment set-up and back-office processes, avoiding unnecessary costs, such as:

Foreign exchange (FOREX) fees

Airline surcharges

Reconciliation costs

Instead of relying on costly corporate credit cards, with Ixaris you get a single, flexible platform to manage all your payments processes, whether you’re paying airlines, low cost carriers or hotels.

Benefit from streamlined and automated reconciliation – with the added benefit of improved ancillary revenues. Get greater visibility and control over purchasing activity. And unlock more value in every payment.

Unlock more value

Discover an easier way to manage payments.

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