Whether you’re a business using payment services, or a financial organisation providing them, one thing’s for sure: payments are critical to your ability to compete.

Building the payment solution you need from scratch takes time, is expensive, and comes with risk. While an off-the-shelf solution is a big compromise.

the solution

The Ixaris intelligent payment platform is a single, unified solution built for the initiation, execution and acceptance of B2B payments, enabling organisations to unlock value from every payment.

Whatever the business and use case, the platform delivers the features and capabilities to support complex payment processes. With the technology to de-couple payment funding from payment execution, companies get more flexibility, and more control, over how they fund and pay for every transaction. The platform also offers a best-in-class virtual card/payment capability, without the limitations of a scheme provided solution, or the need to implement a new processing system.

more flexibility, more control

As a second-generation virtual payments platform, the Ixaris solution enables payments to be executed on any integrated electronic payment network, while still delivering all the benefits enjoyed using virtual card, namely fine grain control, detailed transactional data (for buyer and supplier), automated reconciliation and the ability to leverage the underlying credit line extended for card payment. Optimising payments for cost, control and convenience.

optimise the entire payments value chain


businesses can choose how they make payments – from credit, to cash and FOREX.

Payment execution

choose between virtual payments or bank-based payments.

Control and workflow

select single use versus multiple load / use, validity window, MCC codes, load scheduling and approvals for greater security and to maximise working capital usage

Data and reporting

fine-grain data insights provided for automated reconciliation

how the solution is delivered

Choice is everything, so you can choose the right deployment of the Ixaris intelligent payment platform to suit your needs.

end-to-end solution

For end user organisations, you can select a fully architected and managed solution with the exact features and capabilities that your business needs.

technology platform

Our platform is available to innovators who want to develop their own solution, with the underlying features and capabilities available to be customised.

white label solution

Brand the solution as your own to build a more value-added offering for your customers.

want to see how Ixaris could work for your business?