Among a range of programmes introduced by IATA in recent months, including its own EasyPay solution, the aviation authority will be implementing the Transparency in Payments Initiative (TIP) in March, which is expected to significantly disrupt the payments process between travel agents and airlines. 

TIP is part of IATA’s plans to transform airline payments which include changes to its existing Resolution 890. The move is geared to give airlines greater visibility of the costs associated with using different methods of payment and greater control over the payment methods they accept from travel agents.
Sounds fair enough. After all, what’s not to like about greater pricing transparency? But what does TIP mean in practice and what should travel agencies and payment solution providers look out for as implementation draws near?  
While final details are still to be published, here’s a checklist of some of the things we might expect:

Survival of the smartest – considerations for travel agencies

How travel agencies respond to TIP could be what separates the high flyers, from the low performers in the years to come. Below are some considerations for travel agencies as they work out their own payments strategies:

As a stakeholder in the global travel payments industry, we’re supportive of any initiative that seeks to promote transparency between the different participants in the travel industry.  As a payment technology provider that has always offered low-cost payment options to both travel agencies and airlines, we are well positioned to support payment needs in a post-TIP environment.

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