Profit from payments. Drive your payments costs beyond zero.

Paying suppliers around the world can be a headache, with everything from merchant surcharges to multiple currencies making things more costly and complicated than they should be. Far from being a cost, we believe that B2B travel payments should provide an opportunity for you to profit.

Travel agents typically lose as much as 20%* of their gross profit through inefficient payment set-up and back-office processes.

Our data shows an agency with an annual supplier spend of £12m, could be spending up to £165,000 every year just on payment-related costs. We believe we can drive this cost to zero and beyond.

These avoidable costs are usually driven by:

Reconciliation / back office costs

Traditional corporate card schemes offer little to no automatic reconciliation facilities. This means that transactions must be manually matched, which can become a time consuming and error prone process.

Foreign exchange (FOREX) fees

Travel agencies usually deal with high transaction volumes, often with multiple currency payments to a worldwide network of suppliers. Meaning that, unless there’s an in-house treasury function, foreign exchange associated surcharges can become a soaring cost.

Surcharge on high interchange cards

Many low-cost carriers continue to levy an additional cost on payments made via certain card types. Even small surcharges, when multiplied across hundreds or even thousands of bookings per day, can amount to a significant sum.

Helping you to profit from payments

Based on a small travel agency with an annual supplier spend of £12m.

Turning a £168k cost into a £5k profit.

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With the Ixaris solution



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