Optimise your transaction costs for improved earnings

Paying suppliers around the world can be a headache, with everything from merchant surcharges to multiple currencies making things more complicated than they should be. Ixaris technology fits perfectly within your business. It optimises and automatically reconciles your payments – giving you complete control and a more efficient way to pay.

Benefits of Ixaris Travel Payments

Take the pain out of Payment Processing

Every one of our single-use virtual cards has a unique 16-digit number. Not only does this automate the payment process by matching the card number to the transaction, it lets you control precisely how and when purchases are made.

Optimise your payments

With our vast range of payment capabilities, you can easily navigate around surcharges and FOREX fees.

Generate Revenue

With Ixaris, you can turn your payments into another source of revenue. Travel businesses typically make huge volumes of transactions that send large sums of money flowing through financial institutions. If you meet our transaction quotas, our custom rebate programs will earn you extra income.

Reduce your exposure to fraud

Single-use cards let you set a limited value, minimising the risk of both internal and external card fraud.

Get accepted globally

By giving you the ability to issue both Visa and MasterCard ® virtual cards, you achieve total global card acceptance.*

Quick and flexible

You can integrate Ixaris into your existing systems at any level in a matter of weeks and it’s easy to customise should your business’s needs change.

With Ixaris, your payments are much faster and much more efficient. Plus, with our custom rebate program you even earn extra income for every payment you make.

*Accepted where either the Visa or MasterCard logo is displayed

Our Customers

'Working with Ixaris has helped boost our margins by 10-20% for each transaction.'

Yago Casasnovas - Collection & Payment Manager, LOGITRAVEL