Nium completes acquisition of Ixaris

22nd July 2021

Meet the Team: Melanie Grech


Meet Software Engineering Team Lead Melanie Grech. After hearing great things about Ixaris from acquaintances and former schoolmates, Melanie joined our software engineering team in 2018. “I asked a couple of employees what they liked about working at Ixaris — and I was sold!”

In her first weeks on the job, Melanie felt instantly welcomed to our Malta-based team. “It didn't hurt that I already knew some faces, but the induction process was very well-structured. The first couple of weeks were chock-full of new information and learning experiences.”

Last month, Melanie was promoted to Software Engineering Team Lead. In this capacity, she is responsible for helping her team achieve their professional goals. “However, first and foremost, I'm a software engineer, and that means I’m tasked with the delivery of Ixaris’ products. Much more than just that, it's software engineering’s job to design efficient solutions that solve our client's problems, sometimes even pre-empting their needs.”

When asked to describe Ixaris in just three words, Melanie chose flexible, supportive and collaborative. Melanie believes Ixaris is flexible in promoting a healthy work-life balance, supportive because employees’ wellbeing (both mental and physical) is valued and acknowledged, and collaborative because it’s the norm that everyone at Ixaris is part of a solution. In fact, workshops for brainstorming and communicating ideas are commonplace around here!

“One thing I really like at Ixaris is that I was provided with feedback in real-time, not just during scheduled reviews. Feedback isn't just given by your line manager, but also from your peers. From time to time we have company and department updates that remind the employees of their contribution to the company's success. I feel that this increases my motivation to advance in the organisation.”

While energised by the potential to further her career at Ixaris, Melanie also appreciates that Ixaris actively creates opportunities for team members to connect to each other — and their community. To that end, Melanie particularly looks forward to Ixaris’ year-end holiday and community activities.

“I'm a huge Christmas fan, so of course I'm going to mention Ixaris’ Christmas activities. From decorating the office to organising gift exchanges, to the staff-only and family-inclusive Christmas parties, and the charity work that we do to provide Christmas presents to kids in need. All this makes December a great month at Ixaris!”

“Apart from these fun events that help us unwind, I am also able to start and end my day on my own (reasonable) terms. I’ve never had issues planning vacations or scheduling appointments. I’ve also formed very strong friendships with my colleagues, which makes my work days even smoother.”

Ixaris’ 6-hour Fridays particularly help Melanie thrive at work and at home. “Starting the weekend just 2 hours earlier makes a huge difference. Together with the flexibility of start time, on Fridays, I can have lunch at my grandparents, which means the world to them.”

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