Nium completes acquisition of Ixaris

15th June 2021

Meet the team: Melvin Micallef

Melvin Photo

As Ixaris enters our most exciting chapter yet, we’re turning our attention to the dynamic individuals who contribute to our success story. Get to know the team behind Ixaris in our latest Meet the Team series.

Meet Melvin Micallef. Melvin joined our Malta-based team in July 2018 as an intern while he was studying at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. Today, Melvin is a Junior Software Engineer who helps Ixaris build the next generation of payment technology.

“I work in the engineering department, which handles the development/implementation of our products and other initiatives. As a Junior Software Engineer, my role is to work on development, quality improvement and maintenance. I also come up with new ideas and improvements.”

Melvin felt well supported as a student entering and learning in his first job: “I feel that I had two of the best mentors I could have: Jacob and Annalizz. They helped and guided me through the first weeks/months. All of the other developers and management were also very helpful. My initial training was aimed to gradually improve the knowledge I had at that time, with the use of pair programming. I believe it was a very efficient and enjoyable way of learning.”

“The monthly meetings with my team lead or manager really helped me see what I am doing right, but mostly helped by pointing out where I could improve and how. I think that performing self-evaluation and then discussing it with someone that you work closely with (such as a team lead) really helps you in improving.”

While Melvin’s role is central to software development, he also values opportunities to work across teams within Ixaris. “At Ixaris, I feel that although we are split into different departments, we interact very well together. It is common that different departments such as Engineering and Business Intelligence or Engineering and Tech Ops work together to fulfil certain tasks, and I find the interaction to be flawless.”

When asked to describe Ixaris in just three words, Melvin chose innovative, caring and transparent. “(Ixaris is…) open to new ideas and suggestions, takes care of its employees, and information and updates are given frequently by the CEO himself or management.”

Away from work, Melvin takes advantage of multiple employee benefits, including our eco-transport allowance and health insurance. “Pre-covid, I (also) really enjoyed the events and team building activities that the company organised. My favourite memory is our company-wide trip to Sicily, especially going for a quad bike tour and zip lining!”

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